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Blake is an agent of chaos and doesn't have time for gender

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Someone please explain to me why it already feels like fall to me when we still have over a month left of summer

darkhorsedouglas -

cause it feels like summer started in April?

im getting back into developing my animated short :> here's a wip!

for the DBZ Tarot Zine on twitter! my piece was the Magician!

Reflection 1 and 2 - Digital Oil Paintings

A double post today because I painted these to go together.

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Some cheebs of some of my characters!

Summer Moira [Overwatch]

Think we'll get a skin for Moira for the upcoming Summer Games? God I hope so. Love my wife.

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more pixel art coz doing actual lineart iz HARRD

so i really like draw the squad. gives me an excuse to draw my and friends characters ^^;

base credit to Croxovergoddess

Chibi commission for Sugarbirb1 @ twitter!!

artfight attack!! ♥


moon -

they are girlfriends :]

fiaher -

A giveaway winner on my Twitter giveaway requested a bridal Clarisse

ak4neh -

Finished a couple of commission !

I love drawing this girl honestly ♥

OC owner : DigiKota

Hope you like it ! ♥

Soma is a good shark and I love her

coffee -

Skaeth of the Wild Hunt, my practice mini!

some ttgl fanart i did a lil while back! im love them

more art trades (via discord)

Hehe, highlights shiny.


I was playing around with layer modes and now I have a Miku!!

K/DA SKY - 2020

I don't think I've ever made a complete piece for KDA Sky, but here it is!

Here's the WIP

Fat elves = good elves! Here's my OC Ami'thea, or Ami for short! She's the princess of the Solarian (sun) Elves in my own little fantasy world. ☀💕

I may clean this up a bit and color it tomorrow!

Do not repost or use without permission

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Looking for new people to follow and possibly role play with on waterfall. Like or repour this post if you'll cool with rping on here! You don't have to have an rp blog already set up. I'm just looking for people interested in roleplay!