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spaded-aces -

Wearing a mask can suck for a lot of reasons, sure, but never before have I been referred to as "man", "buddy", and "son" with such frequency

Wearing a mask just upped my gender fluidity game exponentially, I'm winning over the cis

darkhorsedouglas -

If I could get my hair cut I'd be in the same boat.

A small art drop

kitkatz84 -

Commission for BlueMaelstrom

[ID: Digital artwork of a pokemon style trainer character. She has pale skin, brown eyes and long black hair. She's wearing a shiny blue jacket over a white dress with a faint geometric pattern. Her shoes are white sneakers and she's wearing pink thigh high sockings under them. She's turning back and holding a pokemon ball in an outstretched arm towards the viewer. End ID]

Pokemon style commission done for sibmaerto on twitter. Want to commission art from me too? Commissions open on Commission Marketplace.

This was fun to draw. I'm really proud of the hands

naiad -

hello i'm fucking tired of hearing explosions every day

fallow -

me too
here they stoppd mostly after yesterday? dont remember hearing today but don't know that would notice, might be used to them by now

naiad -

i heard two earlier today while it was still bright out and i think people are trying to get rid of them. i talked to a neighbor and she said she's been here for a while and the 4th was the worst she had ever seen it and she thinks hundreds of thousands of dollars in fireworks went off in the neighborhood uuughhh. i hope it just gets out of everyone's systems and they leave it alone until 2021 at least

darkhorsedouglas -

yeah because the fifth was on a Sunday a lot of people shot off then too. Also, all the big shows were canceled so I'm not surprised everyone just bought their own. They really shouldn't have shot off on a Monday night though.

Air Faerie

from Neopets 🌬

More item cards I've drawn for an eldritch horror RP forum.

another commission for scoob!

this one was a quite challenging but i feel like i've learned a lot from drawing it!

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 6

One more page after this. Then some revamping of a few older pieces. Nothing too big, just cleaning up some line art and paint edges. I better get this done soon because I have a short webtoon comic to thumbnail and draw. I feel a lot more prepared for it now that I've had this warm up.

Dawn Breaking

I wrote a short fic in which Riku creates a trail of dawn in the night of the final world. And I decided that I had to recreate the mental image I was attempting to paint as an acutal painting. I think it came out beatuifully. I don't like doing backgrounds often, but this was well worth my time.

i think i forgot to upload this here after i submitted the attack but uh

here's skitters for @star-rice

star-rice -


artfight attacks!

ocs belong to:

  1. jynerik

  2. ligbi

goropancakechi -

Playing Chess: "Eh whatever, just wring it I don't care"

Playing UNO:

1 note

sidh -

Oh I was looking back through my Kiyoshi tag and realized I hadn't shared this one yet

A raffle prize I won in a stream from artist GermanGremlin

Look at this smug little shit I love him <3

my first art fight attack of the year, @nickromancer's cute merboy norik! :)

Today's Thing! I sketched this like right before the quarantine started and its sadly still appropriate and relevant to post

i liked the bg in the last one so i did another one real quick

Time: 10 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a

Music Vibe: My Name Is... by Once Monsters

bros be obessing w/ sea gulls, im bro

goth -

couldn't sleep so i drew this instead

Light Faerie

from Neopets ☀️

(This one I actually had done back in January after the Illusen drawing, but I had a certain order I wanted to upload them all in!)

Mermay Day 27 - Ocean

babushka -

I need a new character i can project upon

babushka -

character traits include white hair, nonbinarism and suffering

darkhorsedouglas -

!!!!!! White hair was what I loved as a kid!

Ryou Bakura is a good bean. Unfortunately a very minor character in the anime he's from (yugioh duel monsters). But one of the few white haired characters from the earlier 2000's that survived the anime he was in.

Victor Nikiforov from Yuri on ice. Don't know how you would feel about Japan's attempt at a Russian character. But at least he gets a happy ending?

Then I almost want to suggest Sesshomaru? But InuYasha is such a long anime and Sesshomaru is kind of a dick during most of the anime. Just watch his cute episodes with the little human girl Rin I guess?

You will notice none of these are "new" anime's. I haven't seen too many angsty white haired boys in the newer animes? Though I might be watching the wrong ones.

Unfortunately, Nonbinary is a hard thing to pin down in anime. Japan has very strict language rules that leads to they/them being hard to translate. So I went with characters that aren't afraid to look feminine or "soft". I'm sure now with the mix of eastern and western ideals. There is at least one Nonbinary Japanese anime character. But like I said these are older animes. At the very least none of these animes have transphobic language which is sometimes hard to find.