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babushka -

I need a new character i can project upon

babushka -

character traits include white hair, nonbinarism and suffering

darkhorsedouglas -

!!!!!! White hair was what I loved as a kid!

Ryou Bakura is a good bean. Unfortunately a very minor character in the anime he's from (yugioh duel monsters). But one of the few white haired characters from the earlier 2000's that survived the anime he was in.

Victor Nikiforov from Yuri on ice. Don't know how you would feel about Japan's attempt at a Russian character. But at least he gets a happy ending?

Then I almost want to suggest Sesshomaru? But InuYasha is such a long anime and Sesshomaru is kind of a dick during most of the anime. Just watch his cute episodes with the little human girl Rin I guess?

You will notice none of these are "new" anime's. I haven't seen too many angsty white haired boys in the newer animes? Though I might be watching the wrong ones.

Unfortunately, Nonbinary is a hard thing to pin down in anime. Japan has very strict language rules that leads to they/them being hard to translate. So I went with characters that aren't afraid to look feminine or "soft". I'm sure now with the mix of eastern and western ideals. There is at least one Nonbinary Japanese anime character. But like I said these are older animes. At the very least none of these animes have transphobic language which is sometimes hard to find.

Naminé color palette

Hey look I did something crative for the first time in forever

Jonathan Sims [The Magnus Archives]

This man has my whole heart, and I'm not ready for the end of this podcast. Ugh.

Link Tree

Proud to announce that I am At It again.

Here's a pantsless (and dangerous) pretty boy, as is tradition.

Zorua in pokemon cafe mix

Another pokemon joins the cafe to help out!


Just realized I haven't given it a shout out on here recently. But I do have a kingdom hearts rp blog demyxix!

Celestial Sailor Mercury Concept 2.0

[first verison][comparison post]

waterfall -

since we're using the term "repour" on here does that mean we're all just

Sky - Doodle session

Just working with multiple/colour dodge layers. Was good fun :D

Need to work on face structures though...

vanessa danger, coolest kid in town

6pat -


clouds and the ocean r so therapeutic to paint. heres a city in a boat

Mareep Colour Palette Challenge

babushka -

Things russian teachers say like "forest of hands" and "did you forget your head at home too" probably sound weird in English and without context

darkhorsedouglas -

yeah, we got English versions of both of those! "forest of hands" is "can I see a wave of hands?" So a teacher hoping a lot of people know the answer to the question. The second one in English is a little different. We have "You'd lose your head if it wasn't attached" which is something you say to someone who's super forgetful.

teamea -

Queen Beryl

This is a close-up of my villains #SixFanarts drawings

naiad -

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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teamea -


Commission I did for @waywardallagan over on twitter

Kiss Kiss Fall In Love đŸ¥º

I've been practicing more group pictures + environments!! This took me like 2 weeks and im glad I didn't give up on it ;aslkdfj;ls

waterfall -

there needs to be a specific field of therapists dedicated to helping minors through internet drama

darkhorsedouglas -

I think that's called fandom mom or fan elders.

babushka -

How do you hhhhhhh self compassion

darkhorsedouglas -

It's hard to do. My anxiety used to make me focus on my mistakes and nothing else. Like, getting nervous about something I did wrong 3 years ago.

The easiest trick I've found is to tell yourself "good job" for the small things. Did I get my dirty clothes washed today? Yes. Then I say out loud or in my mind. "Good job me." Did I stay calm while talking to a rude customer? Yes. "Good job me!"

Telling yourself good job helps with self-confidence. And helps you notice the good things you are doing. It's easy to look at the mistakes you make and think you're a bad person. But if you increase the number of times you encourage yourself it makes it easier to see the good things you are doing.

The final step is to change what you are thinking about. If you notice you are thinking to yourself that "you suck" or "you're so bad at this". Catch yourself and think of one of your "good job!" moments.

Ex. "Darn I didn't get the dishes done. I suck at being an adult." *pause* "But I did do the laundry today and cleaned up some trash in the living room. I guess I'm not that bad at being an adult."

Shine a Light - Catdora pride mep part


I hope everyone had a good pride month! This is the final version of that teaser clip I posted last week. I joined a pride mep last minute like you do. The clips had to be about a canon LGBT character or ship so I picked She-ra.

The full Mep is Here!