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Shine a Light - Catdora pride mep part


I hope everyone had a good pride month! This is the final version of that teaser clip I posted last week. I joined a pride mep last minute like you do. The clips had to be about a canon LGBT character or ship so I picked She-ra.

The full Mep is Here!

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Avengers Mock Trailer - Thrilling Intent

Figured I'd start moving my Thrilling Intent AMVs over here. This is actually the last one I did and the one I'm most proud of. Expect the others in the future!

All clips from the third wheel's "Thrilling Intent", audio from Disney Avenger trailer, and Superbowl spot.

Kingdom Hearts Zemyx mep part

Not fully done yet but I got to join my first mep! I also did two masks in after effects for the first time. It's not a youtube link cause I'm not posting it on there until the actual mep goes live. I will be linking the actual mep here too.

I'm currently debating adding flash or pulse effects to the one long shot as it's the only part that doesn't change with the beat. But I like worked really hard on that mask. Constructive criticism is welcome!

BNHA Lone Digger AMV

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And here's the finished product. It looks so cool! I honestly really like the song you picked. It was fast enough to keep up with how fast most of the OVA animation moves. But also had slow moments to give little breathers in between.

Here's a sample of the bnha music video I've been working on! Any feedback you can spare will be a huge help as I finish it up!

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It looks good! I don't know enough about Bnha to know if the season footage is balanced. But I can say you matched the clip/camera movement to the music really well. I don't know how else to word that. But you keep things happening on screen and it looks fun even to someone who doesn't watch Bnha. I focus on timing with my amvs and don't usually bother with flashy after effects. From the looks of everything happening on screen you won't want to add many effects if any. Just keep timing things to the music and it will be really fun. Good luck finishing it!