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Chatot in pokemon cafe mix

The game came out just a few days ago and got inspired to make my favorite pokemon in the stile of it.


blows out my ears to swsh gym leader theme.

decided to draw some legendaries today! i love xerneas and reshiram so much

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doodle ov m pmd guyz........ but evolved ;; (theyre not evolved in game cos i havent come across any stonez) but like....

Arcanine Colour Palette Challenge

Arcanine Colour Palette Challenge

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A little Rapidash pin idea !

Pokemon pin idea : 1/9

Pikachu Colour Palette Challenge

I think I was feeling nostalgic over Pokemon Snap thus the apple, but now I think about it.. ketchup bottle would've been better xD

Ninetales Colour Palette Challenge

based of the Yellow sprite~

Arbok Colour Palette Challenge

Charmander color palette challenge

a lil' cutie~

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A little Rapidash pin idea !

Pokemon pin idea : 1/9

screenshot redraw of luxray

Pokemon Trainers Penny & Ryan

Was commissioned by Penny to draw her and Ryan for their new Pokémon X Random Nuzlocke series on SnapCube! Check it out!

It’s my wife’s Wooloo. Wenf (supposed to be “Wendy” but she was too excited to type properly)

some assorted pkmn illustrations from last years pokeddex

you can grab the vaporeon one as a shirt if you're interested over at teepublic


A quick old painting i did of Clefable with a Gengar shadow based on the Clefable/Gengar theory but that was before X/Y added Fairy types ^^;

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197 Umbreon

This is probably one of my favourite pieces so far. I wanted to test my ability of shading with colour. I love how it turned out but it’s definitely a challenge if there’s more markings on the subject.

Pokémon revealed in new trailer!